Monday, September 7, 2015

A Trip to Milwaukee-- Part 4: Potawatomi Casino

From the Miller Brewery, our next stop was the Potawatomi Casino nearby.  I have heard of this place many times, but never been there.  It is a main site for gamblers from our part of Illinois.

We were let off by the door and I have to say this is by far the biggest casino I've ever been in before in my life.  It just went on and on for what seemed forever.  It is owned by the Potawatomi Indians who once lived in the area.  Many folks I know are mad at how much money the Indians are making in their casinos, but my own belief is that nothing we could ever do makes up for what we did to them back in the early days of our country.  We took away their land and forced them to move to parts of the country we didn't think could be used.

I had thought about gambling at the blackjack tables, but that thought soon ended when I saw the $5 minimums.  I might venture $1 or $2, but never $5.  I lose far too often to budget that amount.  And besides, I hate losing money too much.  I have been known to lose twenty straight blackjack hands out in Vegas, despite people saying that can't be done.


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