Saturday, June 23, 2012

Victorville Continues to Thrive

From the May 12, 2010, Pasadena (Ca) Star News by Claudia Heller.

The town was named after railroad construction supervisor Jacob Nash Victor and the place really blossomed with the coming of good old Route 66.  Garages, cafes, motels and gas stations were built.  One famous lodging was the New Corral Hotel.  The Trails Restaurant , a Route 66 icon opened in 1952 and was demolished in 2001.

The California Route 66 Museum is located in town.

Then, there is a place I ate at called Emma Jean's on the eastern edge of Victorville, the home of the Brian Burger and today called the Holland Burger.   It appeared in the movie "Kill Bill 2."

That Was One Great Burger!!  --RoadDog

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