Thursday, June 28, 2012

OK, So We Weren't By Boat: The McHenry Dam

Yesterday, I had to go into McHenry, Illinois, for my annual physical.  Since we were already in the area, afterwards, we drove over to the McHenry Dam State Park to kill some time until Joey B's opened by Burton's Bridge.

This is a great little park with a great view of the dam which always has white water cascading over it every time we've seen it, even during the last several weeks on our downriver boating expeditions.  But, we are in the midst of quite a sustained drought, and there is no water going over the dam, not even a trickle.  Water is about eight inches below the top of the dam upriver.

Lots of fishermen frequent the park, and one told me that there was still water coming over the dam Monday.  Even so, we sat out by a picnic table and enjoyed the view of the dry dam.

Next, the Homewrecket at Joey B's.  --RoadDog

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