Saturday, June 30, 2012

Getting Ready for Fourth of July

With this extended Fourth of July celebratio, going from today until next weekend because of the actual date occurring on Wednesday, we are getting ready to drive to Twin Lakes, Wisconsin, for their annual Libertyfest parade and festival at their lakefront park.  That means drinks at Main Street Tap before and after the parade and, of course, Donovan's Reef.  Perhaps a stop at the Tiki Bar on the way home.

From 7 to 11 PM, it's a band at Captain's.

Tomorrow, the band at Captain's after Bob Stroud's trip back to July 1, 1972 for three hours on his Rock and Roll Roots Show on WDRV from 7 to 10.

Wednesday is the parade and festivities at Horse Fair Park here in Spring Grove, Illinois, bands and fireworks which we can see from our front porch.

Then, next Saturday is the Fox Lake 4th of July celebration with parade, goings on at the Lakefront Park and fireworks on the lake later that night/

Nothing Like a Good Old-Fashioned Fourth of July.  --RoaDog

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