Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bradbury Rode With Slow Company: Never Got Driver's License-- Part 1

From the June 7th Chicago Tribune by Mark Jacob.

Waukegan-born author Ray Bradbury died June 5th, but one nonaccomplishment is noteworthy: He never got a driver's license.  Here are sone other nondrivers who did pretty well.

STUDS TERKEL--  Took the bus to radio job at WFMT-FM.

MAE WEST--  Drove a car only once when her father tried and failed to teach her to drive.  She once said, "I did enjoy, every once in a while, buying a nice car for someone else to drive me around in."  Must be nice to be rich.

WOODROW WILSON--  The 28th president didn't drive, but did enjoy riding in a car to relax.

FRANK PHILLIPS--  This one is especially surprising.  The founder f Phillips Petroleum, you know, Phillips 66, made billions of dollars from car travel.  He once declared "I'm a thinking machine.  I don't have time to drive."  As rich as he got, he could hire someone to drive him around.

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