Thursday, August 7, 2008

Paul's On 66?

On the Abbey Road album, we thought that Paul McCartney might be dead bvecause of his being barefoot. But, now we know he is on Route 66. Or, maybe he's on Route 66. Only his hair color person knows for sure.

I belong to the Route 66 e-mail group on Yahoo which has a log of members and correspondence.

Sir Paul being on 66 has gotten some discussion. One person has a picture from Springfield of Paul posing with a group of people, and, he was sighted in Lebanon, Missouri, at a gas station right across from the Bell Restaurant that was visited by Barack Obama this last week.

So, is he on the road or not. Maybe it's just a poser?

Anyway, Beatlemania on 66!!! Hey, I was more of a CCR Fan. --RoadDog

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