Tuesday, August 12, 2008

45 Places Your Friends Don't Know About-- Part 4

Again, from the August Midwest Living Magazine.


They gave four, including two groups. I will give all four.

PAXICO, KANSAS-- How did the remnants of pioneer days remain here? Located 30 miles west of Topeka. Redone 1800s buildings with lots of antique stores.

US-12 TOWNS, MICHIGAN-- Three Oaks, Coldwater, Jonesville and other pretty, historic towns. Even a drive-in theater on the original Chicago-Detroit road. Actually the second federal highway in the US. This is a road of my major interest, but I have never been on this stretch. Who knows, one of these days, I might just write a book about this road. www.us12heritagetrail.org

BROWNSVILLE, NEBRASKA-- An old-time paddle wheeler cruises the Missouri River. Located 75 miles south of Omaha. www.brownville,ne.com

WINE TRAIL, IOWA-- weaves through northeast Iowa hills to seven wineries and villages, including West Branch and Decorah. www.iowawinetrail.com

Sounds Like Some Really Great Places to Visit. --RoadDog

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