Saturday, August 2, 2008

45 Places Your Friends Don't Know About-- Part 3

Again, these ideas were compiled by the good folks at Midwest Living Magazine in their August issue.


I'm a pushover for a really nice garden, be it public or at a house. I sure wish mine was better, and I think it would have reached its zenith this summer had I not gotten cellulitis in my right thumb and been unable to do anything with it. It is majorly OVERGROWN.

INTERNATIONAL PEACE GARDEN-- Dunseith, North Dakota-- right on the Canadian border. Spectacular display in honor of the countries' friendship.

MUNSINGERR AND CLEMENS GARDENS-- St. Cloud, Minnesota-- on bank of the Mississippi River.


ARROW ROCK AND BLACkWATER-- Missouri--"Two-lane hishways wind and dip through woods and past farms to neighboring central Missouri towns" about 50 miles northwest of Columbia. Sounds like a real trip back into time. My wife's cousin and husband live in Arrow Rock and we must make arrangements to visit them sometime, the sooner the better.

Things Are Better in the Great Midwest. --RoadDog

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