Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hey, You Bonnetheads Out There!!!

You know who you are!!!

I've heard of Deadheads and Parrotheads, but until this article, I didn't know what a Bonnethead was. Bonnetheads take a walk on the Wilder side, Laura Ingalls Wilder that is. These are those folks who are really into this pioneer woman whose stories about a little house on the prairie sparked many books and even a TV show that ran for 9 years. I know a lot of my friends think this show is stupid, but I sure enjoyed it. What would mean old Nellie do next? Hey, I also really liked the Waltons.

I found this article from June 29, 2006, about a Chicago Tribune Tempo Road Trip. It was titled "On the Wilder side" by Robert K. Elder. His wife is a bona fide Bonnethead.

He took a trip visiting Laura Ingalls Wilder sites along US-14 in Minnesota and South Dakota. Hey, cruising on an original US highway, how can that be bad?

Over 20,000 fans and Bonnetheads visit the Ingalls home in Walnut Grover annually. In Japan, the books are used to teach English.

More to Come.

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