Saturday, June 2, 2007

Serious Eats Doughnut Honor Roll- Route 66

In honor of yesterday's National Doughnut Day (and no one told me about it or I could have gone over to the local Dunkin' Donuts and properly honored it), the Serious Eats website announce a brand new honor roll of great places to eat that wonderful treat.

Some of these were in Route 66 towns.

California- Donut Man 915 E Route 66- Glendora with strawberry and peach donuts as favs along with French
Fritelli's- Beverly Hills
Primo's- LA
Randy's- Inglewood
Stan's- LA Bob's Coffee and Doughnuts- LA

I haven't been to any, but have seen pictures of Randy's giant doughnut.

Illinois- Old Fashioned Donuts- 11248 S. Michigan- Chicago
Dat Donuts- 82495 S. Cottage Grove- Chicago. A Big Dat is a two inch high, 4 inch wide glazed. Now that's a one big doughnut!!!!

None others were listed. How about the 1950 Do-Nut Drive-In in St. Louis right down from Ted Drewe's?

I'll have to mention one other favorite on the honor roll from Carolina Beach, NC (ok, I know it's not on 66) and that would be Britt's Donuts who have been making 'em right on the boardwalk since 1939. If you're ever out by Wilmington, drop on down the coast and try one.

Wishin' I had a Britt's Right NOW. --RoadDog

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