Saturday, June 9, 2007

A Parade Across a Whole State, Ernie's 90th, Hamel and Edwardsville, Horseradish, and Vettes

What do these all have to do with each other? ROUTE 66 THAT IS!!!!

It seems that there is WHOLE Lot Going on along the old road this weekend.

KANSAS- there will be a parade across all of Route 66, all 13.2 miles of it!!! Michael Wallis, author of "The Mother Road" and voice of the Sheriff on Cars, will be the grand marshal.

BROADWELL, IL.- Will honor its 151st birthday and old Coot's, Ernie Edwards' , 90th.

HAMEL and EDWARDSVILLE, IL.- are both having Route 66 celebrations.

COLLINSVILLE, IL.- Will be having their annual Horseradish Festival. Have you ever wondered what horseradish is and where it comes from as you're eating your prime rib or drinking that most excellent Bloody Mary? It is a root and southern Illinois produces 80-85% of the world's crop. And about 60% of that comes from Collinsville.

The climate is perfect and the Mississippi River bottoms are rich in potash which is nirvana for horseradish. Some 24 million pounds are ground annually in the US to produce 6 million gallons of prepared horseradish, some hotter than others. I wonder what causes the difference in HOT!!!

Some of the highlights as the festivities are root toss, root sacking, horseradish root golf, and a Bloody Mary recipe contest. Sounds like fun to me. By the way, Collinsville is the home of the world's largest ketchup bottle. They usually hace a festival for it, but this year it was canceled for some reason.

WILLIAMS, AZ.- Corvette 'N America Road Trip.

All 66ed Out. --RoadDog

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