Friday, June 10, 2016

News From Along Route 66, May 2016: Berghoff Restaurant in Chicago Being Sold

MAY 10--  The Berghoff Restaurant in Chicago has been sold, but the ownership will stay in the family  The restaurant and ownership have been in the Berghoff family for 116 years now, opening in 1898 by Herman Joseph Berghoff, a German immigrant.

The brother of present owner Carlyn Berghoff, is buying it.

Well, I won't get fooled again by this ploy.  When Carlyn bought it some years ago, she announced, in effect, that she was closing the place and turning it into something else and this set off a months-long pilgrimage by many folks, including myself on two occasions, to visit it one last time and buy souvenirs.  Let's just say, this was REALLY GOOD for business.

MAY 10--  Volunteers are needed for a photo shoot at the Meramec River Bridge this weekend, near Eureka,  Missouri, and the Route 66  Missouri State Park.  The shoot is for the National Trust for Historic Places "This Place Matters" campaign.  There seem to be problems with Missouri's Route 66 bridges.

MAY 11--  The Chelsea, Oklahoma pedestrian tunnel which recently opened and has Route 66 murals along its length, has already been vandalized.  Sorry to hear that.

Fool Me Once, Shame on You.  It Won't Happen Twice.  --RoadDog

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