Thursday, June 30, 2016

An Unexpected Trip to N.C.-- Part 6: Indianapolis Motor Speedway: The 100th Anniversary Bottle of Vodka

June 30, 2016, Monday

I showed Liz where we sit for the races, which isn't too far from the museum and way, way up high.    I tell you, those steps are real killers on the old knees.

I wanted to show here where we park the motor home at the Speedway American Legion Post 500, but now the intersection of Georgetown Road (where it is located) and Crawfordsville Road is now closed.  I decided to drive east and then north.  I was expecting a road running parallel to the speedway on the east side and right by it like Georgetown, but it wasn't.

And, the area east of the speedway is definitely run-down.  We ended up quite a ways north of the speedway before we found a way to get to Georgetown Road and Liz got to see the Legion, which is closed Mondays and Tuesday.

We got back on Crawfordsville Road heading west to  the bypass, but stopped on the way at a Kroger grocery store.  I had heard from a person at the gift store that Kroger were selling bottles of the Fuzzy's Premium Vodka 100th Running of the Indy 500 bottles.  I had wanted one on race day, but couldn't find where they were selling the bottles at the track.

That day they were selling for $40.  I got my bottle today for $24.

Good Deal and a Real Neat Bottle.  --RoadDog

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