Thursday, June 2, 2016

News From Along Route 66, May 2016: Laurel Kane To Be Inducted Into Oklahoma Route 66 Hall of Fame

Taken from the Route 66 News Site which has more information and pictures and many more entries.  I just take the ones of interest to me.

MAY 2--  Laurel Kane of Afton Station in Oklahoma will be inducted into the Oklahoma Route 66 Hall of Fame.  A well-deserved honor for a woman who did so much for the old road.  We were able to meet and talk with her on several occasions.

MAY 2--  Trailer for "Missouri Maze" film released, about Route 66 through the Ozarks in that state.  A lot of the trailer featured video of John's Modern Cabins, a favorite stop we make whenever in Missouri.  It just sums up what we're losing.

MAY 3--  The Route 66 Car Museum will be opening next month in Springfield, Missouri, at 1624 W. College Street (Route 66).  It will include a 1926 Hudson used in the 1939 movie "The Grapes of Wrath" among others.  Admission is $15.  We can never have too many museums along the route.

MAY 3--  A reporter is walking the length of Oklahoma City's Route 66 alignment.  Brianna Bailey of the Oklahoman is walking a mile a day and taking pictures and writing about what she see.  You can read her daily reports.  She wrote about motels that are in bad shape.


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