Friday, June 24, 2016

Guide Books to Help Segregation-Era Blacks Travel-- Part 2

Today, the Hayes Motel is called the New Aster Motel and it still looks the same architecturally.

Black travelers knew they could spend a night there in their trip along Route 66 because of the publication called "The Negro Motorist Green Book.  The Hayes Motel was among the 224 Los Angeles hotels, barbershops, beauty salons, taverns, restaurants, motels and other places deemed friendly to blacks.

This is a part of Route 66 lore you rarely hear about, but a black family was refused service at a whole lot of places back then.

Los Angeles officials and the Getty Conservation Institute are hoping to lay the groundwork for the rehabilitation and protection of significant historic structures that catered to blacks from that sad era of American history.

Some Green Book places are still standing.

There is a large collection of Green Books from the various u\years it was published in the collection at the New York Public Library.


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