Tuesday, June 28, 2016

An Unexpected Trip to N.C.-- Part 5: The Indianapolis Motor Speedway "Too Loud!"

We got off the bypass at Crawfordsville Road and took it to the track.  This area has been worked on a lot and today is quite a beautiful drive to the speedway.   We took route this the first several years to get to the Speedway 500 American Legion on Georgetown Road.

Liz had never been to the speedway before and I wanted her to see where we sat, what we saw and where the Legion is located.

We drove under the track up to the museum and went inside.  We didn't go into the museum itself because of time and Liz wouldn't be much interested in it.  But, I wanted to look at the gift shop and found a 100th Running shot glass and bought it.  It is way too crowded during race weekend.  Then I went to one of my favorite places, the gift store selling everything for big discounts and bought a couple hats and flags.

Liz sat outside while I was in the latter and she got to hear some of the cars running the interior tracks.  Her only comment was that they were too loud.  I guess she wouldn't want to go with us for an Indy 500.


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