Wednesday, June 22, 2016

An Unexpected Trip to North Carolina-- Part 2: No Porkchop Sandwiches for Us

June 19th.  We stopped in Mt. Airy, N.C., on our way home this past Sunday.  Unfortunately, Snappy Lunch (and those great porkchop sandwiches) was closed on Sundays.  We did enjoy walking around the main street and looking at all the Mayberry (Mt. Airy served as its inspiration as this was where Andy Griffith grew up).  This town knows how to cash in on the ongoing popularity of this timeless TV show.

Gas at Wytheville (still $2.04) and more traffic going from there through West Virginia than usual.

We got a room at the Clarion in Englewood, Ohio, and went to Bolt's to watch the final NBA game.  Everyone in there was pulling for Cleveland for some reason.  We noticed a BW3 (Buffalo Wild Wings) across the street and went there to play some NTN and watch the game.

This place was packed and really loud with most everyone cheering for the Cavaliers.  We saw the end of the game at the Clarion bar.

We were pulling for Golden State, but it is always good when a Midwest team wins it all.  We are not LeBron fans and I was surprised that the Cavalier fans accepted him back after that Miami stunt he pulled.


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