Friday, June 24, 2016

Guide Books for Segregation-Era Blacks Traveling Across the Country-- Part 1

From the May 17, 2016, Los Angeles Times "This guidebook helped African Americans find a hotel along segregation-era Route 66" by Louise Sahagun.

A picture of the Hayes Motel shortly after it opened south of downtown  L.A. in 1947 accompanies tye article.  It was then sleek, modern and clean.  Sadly, that is not the case now.  Signs about the current property read "No Drugs.  No prostitution.  No Loitering, No trespassing."

Lily Ho now runs the old motor court in a distressed neighborhood at the corner of Wadsworth Avenue and Jefferson Boulevard.

The Hayes Motel back when it opened was a place where blacks could find a room.

So Sad What Has Happened to the Old Motel.  --RoadDg

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