Monday, April 2, 2012

So...What Actually Is Chicken Spiedini?

I'd never heard of it. Sounded like something good to eat, though...and something regional, something else I'm fond of.

Kansas City claims to be where the dish was invented. A quick look didn't have anything about the dish's origins, but there are a lot of places in the Kansas City area that serves it, including one that we have here in northeast Illinois (and, pretty-much everywhere), Olive Garden.

Looks like a trip to the local O.G. is in the near future.

Other places in KC: Garozzo's (4 locations), Cupini's, V's Italian Ristorante, Salvatores, Riccos and Perzelli's. Beginning to sound a bit on the Italian side to me.

One source says you can buy it at a mom-and-pop Italian ristorante or Olive Garden.

It consists of lean meat skewered over an open flame, breaded kabobs served in a puddle of olive oil often on something else.

There are many recipes.

There is also a dish in New York state called spiedie that looks similar.

I Got the Taste for It. --RoadDog

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