Friday, April 27, 2012

Getting Ready for Boating Season-- Part 3

Three weeks and the boat's still sitting in the driveway, but as of yet, no run-in with the "neighborhood watch" but that's ok since I don't wear a hoodie working out in the yard.

I was all fired up to get that boat in back in March when it was so warm, but April has been really cold.  We've had several frosts, including this morning and the high tomorrow is supposed to be 40, but up to the 70s next week.

But, we did get signed up for the 2012 Chain Crawl back at the Squaw Bar on the 7th and the Usual Suspects have been enjoying being back at the old Costello's/Baja Benny's, bow Stormy Monday on Fox Lake the last several Fridays.  This past Sunday, we also saw two bands play at After the Fox, right on the Fox River in McHenry.

We've had some more rain, so the lake level is now up so we should get a chance to get the boat in, probably next week.

A-Boating We Go.  --RoadDog

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