Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fox Lake Also Losing its Ace Hardware

Another place I'm sad to see Fox Lake, Illinois, losing is the Ace Hardware on Grand Avenue, near US-12.  It has been in business at least since 1980 and I imagine for much longer before that.  It was a small place and really modeled after those old small hardware stores.  Everything is crammed together and you could always find a person who could answer your questions, something not easy to do in one of those Big Box Stores.

Fox Lake also had another such store, Paul's hardware, but that closed shortly before the huge Menard's and Home Depot opened a couple miles to the south on US-12.

I must admit, that i went to these last two stores much more often than Ace Hardware, so I am part of the problem.  But, I do like cheap prices. 

Thornton's Gas Stations bought the whole corner and will tear down the Ace and a vacant bank building.

I Did, However, Buy Stuff There On occasion.  --RoadDog

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