Saturday, April 21, 2012

Getting Ready for Boating Season-- Part 2

Here it is, two weeks after we got the boat out of storage in Hebron, and yet, it still sits in the driveway, the victim of low water in the Chain and some pretty cool temperatures.  We got spoiled with that warm March and it was followed up by a pretty cool April so far.  We even had a slight frost this morning.

We could use a new mooring cover on the boat, or at least some repairs to the old one which is now ten years old and a bunch of snaps are broken.  Plus, last fall, we had problems pulling it tight enough to do the back snaps.

And, of we don't get it off the driveway, our local "neighborhood watch" will report us as they did once in the past.  You know how horrible those boats parked out in driveways look.  It just brings your subdivision down.

We bought our latest boat (this is the third one since we started boating in 1985) from Bayliner in 2003, so this will be our tenth season in it.

A Boating We Hope to Go.  --RoadDog

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