Monday, April 2, 2012

Getting Our National Championship Feed Bag On-- Part 1

From the Jan. 28th Parade Magazine "Chow Down" by Jane and Michael Stern.

Well, it was originally supposed to be for the Super Bowl, but missed that cutoff, so now it's for tonight's NCAA National Championship game between Kentucky and Kansas.

These are some mighty good sports watchin' meals.

1. ANCHOR BAR'S BUFFALO WINGS-- Buffalo, NY-- Where they were invented in 1964. Say thanks BW3, er, Buffalo Wild Wings.

2. TUCSON'S JALAPENO POPPERS-- bacon-wrapped.

3. AMIGHETTI'S SUBMARINE SANDWICH-- St. Louis. It's the sauce, baby, the sauce.

4. THE BLUE WILLOW INN'S DEVILED EGGS-- Social Circle, Georgia. Any deviled-egg is tops in my book. They always disappear the fastest at parties.

5. THE FORT'S GUACAMOLE-- No one knows the dip's exact origins, but the late Sam Arnold of the Fort Restaurant in Denver supposes a cook accidentally dropped a guacamole in salsa and declared it good.

Five More Goodies to Come. --RoadDog

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