Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Took a Northwest Suburb Trip Yesterday-- Part 4: High School Days on Rand Road

Rand Road, another name for US Highway 12, has played quite a big part in my life. It goes through the village I spent my junior high, high school and early college years in. As such, I drove it many times.

In high school, I often went to Honey Hill Beach on Wauconda on summer days. Plus, back then, if you took pictures on your Instamatic, you took them over to Skrudland's Photo on Rand to be developed. Plus, two of our favorite eating spots were on Rand and Dundee roads, St. George & the Dragon and Village Inn Pizza.

Plus, this was the road we took from Palatine to Randhurst Mall, a BIG local high school hangout for all of the Northwest Suburban high school kids. You saw lettermam's jackets all over the place. More than one girl got her boyfriend's ID bracelet from jewelry shops located there.

I remember driving US-12 to lake Geneva and going through Spring Grove and thinking to myself that, "Man, this place is WAY out in the boonies." Now, we have lived in Spring Grove for 19 years. I always remember being impressed by the entrance to Sherwood Forest Subdivision with its mock castle gate and drawbridge, which is still there.

Liz and I liked to eat at Mr. Sitka's in Richmond at the intersection of 12 and Il-31. It is still there, but called Dilar's. Of course, there was a lot of things to do at Lake Geneva, including going to the Playboy Club when I was older (now Grand Geneva and with a great Christmas display).

A Lot of Memories on That Road. --RoadDog

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