Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Real Lincoln Highway High School

From the New Lenox Area Historical Society in Illinois.

The Lincoln Highway, the Road, and the School

The Lincoln Highway running through New Lenox Township follows an old Indian trail which later became a stage coach road also traveled by horse-drawn wagons.

When the high school district for Frankfort, Manhattan and New Lenox counties was formed in the 1950s, a contest was held to come up with a name for the new school to be built on the old Lincoln Highway, now US-30.

The name Lincoln-Way was chosen and Lincoln-Way Community High School opened in 1954.

Today, this school is called Lincoln-Way Central. Increased population in the area has led to the construction of three new high schools, all called Lincoln-Way. Only these constitute East, West and North.

An Illinois Lincoln Highway Coalition interpretive gazebo now stands on the campus of Lincoln-Way Central.

It's All About the Road, You Know. --RoadDog

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