Thursday, December 8, 2011

Illinois Tourism Fast Facts-- Part 2

Again, all statistics from 2009.

** Illinois had 82.14 million visitors, 80.46 million domestic. Of domestic, 63.25 million were leisure visitors and 17.21 million were business.

** The top five states providing visitors were Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan and Missouri. (I have to wonder what state ranks #1 for Wisconsin travel?) Top five international: Canada, United Kingdom, Mexico, Germany and Japan.

** Illinois ranks 10th in US in share of domestic visitors and sixth in traveler spending (especially in Chicago where every thing's so doggone expensive). Illinois ranks sixth in overseas visitors.

** The average age of Illinois domestic leisure travelers is 46, the majority married with average household income of $83,386. (I wonder if good old Route 66 brings that up or down?)

** Primary activities for leisure travelers: shopping, dining, entertainment, sightseeing, sports and museums. (I wonder how many drive Route 66 or the Lincoln Highway?)

** On average, leisure domestic travelers spent $106 per person per day.

** Illinois hotel-motel tax revenues for FY 10 were $170.4 million.

** Consumer inquiries for FY 10 were nearly 1.8 million.

Love Those Tourists. Bring That Money. --RoadDog

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