Thursday, December 1, 2011

Airplaning It Back Home-- Part 1: BBQ and Terrorists?

Earlier today, I was driven to Raleigh-Durham Airport by my brother and sister-in-law. I was very early before the flight so walked around and found a place offering Carolina-style pulled pork bbq at Brookwood Farms.

For $9.99, I got a big helping of bbq, hushpuppies and two sides (both of mine were cole slaw) and it was good stuff. I think every airport should have one place offering a local food like the Cincinnati chili at their airport where I got some on my way to North Carolina. That way, folks on layovers can get some local delicacies.


While eating, I saw a mother and young daughter eating by the window. They got up to go somewhere and left their travel items by the table (one thing looked like a purse). I got up and walked over until I saw a man sitting at their table.

No problem.

But then, he got up and left the table as well. All their carry on stuff was still there. Very peculiar goings on, indeed.

They didn't come back. I'm starting to think to myself, what if they were terrorists who had somehow gotten a bomb or explosive devise past the security check point. If so, me sitting about 20 feet away was not a good thing. Maybe I should start thinking about moving much farther away, even if I'm not finished with my 'cue.

I went so far as to get up and look out in the concourse to see if there were any police. None to be found.

I was sure happy to see the mother and daughter coming back. And a minute later, there came the man. OK, not terrorists, but anymore you can't be too careful.

Dadburn Terrorists, But the 'Cue Was Good. --RoadDog

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