Wednesday, December 7, 2011

This Date, Seventy Years Ago: Pearl Harbor

I went out and froze putting up my US flags in memory of all those military personnel who lost their lives at that Pacific Naval Base all those years ago. This event plunged America into the war that had already been going on for two years.

However, the US had been obviously preparing for hostilities for many years beforehand.

Pearl Harbor and the Alamo are two battles of great interest to me. I have around eight books on Pearl Harbor. While teaching, my students had a lesson on the event even though I never taught that part of US history.

I was surprised that only two stations have anything on tonight dealing with the it. Turner Classic Movies is showing "From Here to Eternity" and The History Channel has a special "Pearl Harbor: The Next 24 Hours." That should be very interesting as a lot happened the following day. Most accounts just cover December 7, 1941.

Not Forgetting.

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