Thursday, December 22, 2011

Route 66's Twelve Days of Christmas-- Part 1

He did it last year and again this year, Ed Klein in his excellent Route 66 World blog at has done his Route 66 Twelve Days of Christmas. Go to the site and click on Daily Page to see them.

Here are his first six days listed and my comments. To see photos and get the info, go to his site.


FIRST DAY: The Boots Motel in Carthage, Mo., is back. I agree. This is the Biggest Thing on the road this year as far as I am concerned. We got to go to it on the Missouri Motor Tour in September. We've been wanting to do this ever since we first went to it in 2003. Liz especially because of its Clark gable connection.

We did drive around it one year, but the folks living there didn't seem to much like us doing it.

The ladies who bought it are great and to be greatly thanked.

SECOND DAY: THE NEW OWNERS OF THE BLUE SWALLOW MOTEL IN TUCUMCARI. I haven't met them, but we did stay there one night in 2003. Sitting out by old 66, watching that bird fly and looking at the neon of the Tepee Souvenir shop with cars driving by is something all 66ers should do.

Oh yes, have a beer in toasting as well. Maybe two-three or more.

I suppose you could sing it to the original tune by inserting extra words.

Check It Out. --RoadDog

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