Monday, June 6, 2011

How Do You Fun on the Chain Without a Boat?

Yesterday was a good one.

After listening to Bob Stroud's Rock and Roll Roots salute to the Summer of 1971, the songs playing on your radio here in Chicago this date forty years ago, we drove to the Sequoit Lodge in downtown Antioch for the Sunday morning entertainment. Two dollar pints and really good music along with breakfast if you want it.

Where else you gonna get entertainment on a Sunday morning from 10 to noon?

Then, it was to Choppers, across the road from Channel Lake for quarter wings and $5.75 pitchers.

Next, on to Captain's Quarters, where we found the manager, Melanie, had moved in next door to us. Small world. However, the band didn't show up. A call to harbour Lounge told us the tiki bar on Bluff Lake was open, but no entertainment.

Another call to Castaways on Pistakee Lake and we found that Jim Seig was playing out on the deck. Spent the afternoon with him and had a ball, especially with the two buck Miller products.

One Day, Four Bars, Two Bands, 25 Miles. I Can Live With That. --RoadDog

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