Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Escaping the Blizzard-- Part 15: Burrowing Owls

February 6th-- Super Bowl Sunday

We were having problem,s agreeing on where we wanted to watch the game. I wanted to see it in a Packer bar, but Frank absolutely despises the Packers, not so much because he is a Bears fan, but from when he was living in Minneapolis-St. Paul and the Packers were winning everything. I think he hates Packer fans more than he hates their team.

So, now we had a place to go see the game. We stopped at a liquor store and stocked up, then drove over to Dave's.

Dave met us outside and said we had to drive over a couple blocks and see the burrowing owls. There is an area next to his house that is marked off with yellow police tape. Burrowing owls are there, but we had never seen any. We had seen many other like areas all over Cape Coral, but never seen any owls. Were they a myth?

While walking his dogs, Dave had seen some a few blocks away and knew we wanted to see them.

We drove over there and parked right next to the owls, who stared at us, but didn't fly away or duck underground. Really mini-owls. They are on the endangered list and you could get huge fines if you disturb them.

Glad We Had the Opportunity to See Them. --RoadDog

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