Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Eagle Has Landed

Well, actually, flown by over Grasslake.

Most Chain of Lakes boaters here in northeast Illinois know that we have a pair of nest bald eagles on the Chain between Grasslake and Nippersink Lake. Their huge nest is easily seen near the channel leading to Port of Blarney,

We have seen it and also think we saw the eagles in it.

However, this last Friday, while enjoying cocktails out on the deck of Gasoline Alley, on a bluff overlooking Grasslake,we saw a rather large bird flying south, and as it got closer we could see its white head and tail feathers. A bald eagle!!

And, we thought we had to go out to the Mississippi River in the winter to see bald eagles. Evidently not.

Just As Impressive, But Much Closer to Home. --RoadDog

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