Friday, June 3, 2011

A Good Time on the Chain, Even Without a Boat

This past Wednesday, Liz and I got some serious Chaining in, even without our boat which is still in the barn out in Hebron.

First, we went to DOCKER'S on Pistakee Lake and went out on the deck along with the good folks from my old schools: Magee Middle School and Round Lake Middle School, as they celebrated the end of the school year, something that, for some reason, no longer means all that much to me.

Great talking to so many of my old friends. Angie and Cathy were retiring and most of my other friends are within a few years of doing the same. Plus, there were many of the new teachers, now 6 to 9 year veterans.

Then, on to CASTAWAYS, on the other side of Pistakee Lake, where we sat out on the deck with the Kellerhers and Sue and Paul, enjoying the buck beers, 40 cent wings and Jim Seig entertaining.

Last stop was at the historical MINEOLA Hotel on Fox Lake where we had more buck beers.

Who Says You have to Have a Boat to Have a Good Time on the Chain? --RoadDog

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