Friday, June 10, 2011

Escaping the Blizzard-- Part 20: Wildlife Refuge and Ft. Myers Beach

February 8, 2011

As the hours wind down before it is time to go back to the cold...and SNOW!!!


We're still out on Sanubel Island. Canadian Al said he had never seen a live alligator (but plenty of moose, or is that mooses or moosies?), and we read that there was a wildlife refuge on the island and we had some time to kill.

Drove over to it and paid our $5 a carload to get in. There were more people than animals if you didn't count bird life and there were plenty of them. And, just about everyone had a camera. It was hard to see the birds when they were concentrated because of all the camera-toting folks.

Unfortunately, no 'gator for Al and no late, middle-aged cougars for Mark.

Well worth the five bucks to see, though.


Still had time before leaving the hotel (1 pm checkout), so went to Fort Myers Beach and walked around. Walked around looking at souvenir stores. Instead of the ubiquitous Wings stores we have in the south along the Atlantic, they have the ubiquitous Winds stores for souvenirs.

I went into the Top O' Mast Bar, one of those old beach beer joints right by the water. That's a great name for a beach place as well, right up there with Prince O' Whales in California.

We ended up eating a Dairy Queen, right by the beach.

Too Bad We Don't Leave Tomorrow Instead of Today. --RoadDog

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