Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Uniquely Springfield-- Part 3: Hangin' Out and Eating at the Cozy Dog

Liz and I always get the Cozy Basket, which consists of 4 Cozy Dogs and a large order of fries for $11.40.

And, that more than fills us up.

Sometimes we watch them frying our Cozies, but usually we adjourn to a table and I go over to the "library" of Route 66 magazines and pick several which we read while waiting and while we're eating.  Pointing out articles of interest and I didn't know that.

When the order arrives, I go up to the concession stand and "fix" my two Cozy Dogs.  To me, a properly dressed Cozy should have criss-crossed mustard and raw onions draped across them.  Liz eats hers plain.  (But she also eats her Chicago dogs plain and I still don't know how she does that.  To me, a Chicago dog ought to be hard to find under all that stuff.)

We also enjoy watching the other folks in the place.  You can generally tell the regulars from tourists.  But one thing I never understand is when a person traveling Route 66 comes in and doesn't order of Cozy Dog.  If the people are sitting close enough to us, we will engage in conversation.

Always enjoy talking to folks running down the 66.

Cozy Me.--  RoadCozyDog

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