Saturday, November 2, 2019

And, Then There Is That Good Old Pumpkin Beer

Eating pumpkin not just good enough for you? Wash it down with a pumpkin beer.

From the October 5, 2016, Chicago Tribune "Pumpkin beer skeptic finds 8 worthy of appreciation"  by Josh Noel.

"I tried to hate a beer that sounded like a Starbucks drink. I really did!"

But, he found that he liked eight pumpkin beers out of 25 that he tried.  (How do I get signed up for that job?)  He has pictures of the bottles and a glass of each and says what he likes about  each.  I don't know how many are still made since this article is from three years ago.

1.  Crypt Keeper  (Scorched Earth Brewing)

2.   Brandy Barrel-Aged Pumpkin Imperial Ale  (Lakefront Brewery)

3.  Jack O'Latte  (O'Fallon Brewery)

4.  Punkin Ale   (Dogfish Head Brewery)

5.  Fall Hornin' Pumpkin Ale  (Anderson Valley Brewing)

6.  Harvest Pumpkin Ale  (Blue Moon Brewing)

7.  Pumpkin Chal  (Saugutuck Brewing)

8.  Pumpkin Lager  (Lakefront Brewery

See For Yourself.  --PumpDog

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