Friday, September 29, 2017

Along 66, August 2017: The Oklahoma and DeKalb Sidewalk Highways

From tRoute 66 News site.

AUGUST 31--  Preservationists will approach the county to preserve the Sidewalk Highway.  Also known as the Ribbon Road in Ottawa County, Missouri.

Today, it is mostly covered with gravel.

It was a nine-feet wide state highway built in 1922.

Preservationists do not want to compromise its unique character

It was not improved and upgraded until now because it is mostly used by farmers.

But definitely an interesting bit of highway to drive on, if you can see it.

I also found out that Illinois has its own Sidewalk Highway and it is the stretch of Illinois State Highway 23 between DeKalb and Waterman.  Maybe we'll have to drive it next weekend when we're in DeKalb for NIU's Homecoming.

--It's a Narrow Pave for Me.  --RoadDog

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