Friday, September 11, 2009

Good News on the Car Front

Yesterday morning, we got towed to Performance Auto south of Pacific. From Six Flags, we were on old Route 66. We've driven this stretch many times. Sad to see that the Red Cedar Inn was still closed, but the driver had eaten there many times. He had also been up to the top of that overlook in Pacific, something I would really like to do. Maybe that will be part of the Motor Tour.

We drove through downtown Pacific, something we had never done before. Definitely worth a stop soon, and, if I recall, it's the final stop on the motor tour.

We proceeded several miles south of town to where they worked on the car. Not much success in the early going, but they finally got it running, saying it was something to do with a passive ant-theft device that wouldn't allow our keys to turn the ignition on. Only charged us $35, something I could live with. You never know what will take place when you need auto work on the road.

Couldn't help but thing about the Griswald family getting their car worked on out in the desert, AND, these guys kind of reminded us of them.

We were only there for about an hour and used the time to fill out a questionnaire in the latest Route 66 Pulse.

Good Guys, Though. If your car knocks off around Pacific and Eureka, Missouri, give Performance Automotive a call.

Good to Be Back On the Road, And Not Broke. --RoadDog

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