Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Doing a Route 66 Thing Here in Springfield

Or Lincoln's Home Town as they are apt to cal it around here.

Yesterday, we sat out by the pool at the Route 66 Hotel and then had lunch at Cozy Dog. You'll never guess what we had? Four of them and a large order of fries for $8.99 and two large drinks. As usual, we went over to the magazine reading library and pulled out ones from the 66 Federation, Route 66 Magazine, and several state 66 organizations.

Interesting article by the couple from Australia that we met on the MoMo Tour in one of them.

Still don't know if I like the fries or Cozy Dogs better. Strictly a toss up.

Drove over to the new and huge Wal Mart right down the road and off 66. They had columns outside with quotes from Lincoln, something you don't see every day. Bought CDs by Huey Lewis & the News, Bob Marley and Kenny Chesney.

Back to the pool for some more baking (sunny and 89 degrees.


Drove downtown and went to the new Bennigan's in the Hilton. If you liked their food before most closed, it is the same. And they still have what I consider to be the BEST Monte Cristo sandwiches anywhere. We split one and had plenty enough to eat. Also played NTN. They actually recently added the game.

Next stop was Capital City Bar and Grill on the southeast side of town for some more NTN and Liz had a #4 and I a #14. This place is on Dirksen parkway, the old Route 66 bypass.

Last stop at the Curve Inn, on the original 66. If you'reooking for a "real" 66 roadhouse, this be the place. Good times since the early 1930s and so-named for the curve that 66 took by the place.

Routen 66, I Think I'll Keep It. --RoadDog

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