Saturday, June 10, 2017

News From Route 66, April 2017: Devil's Elbow Added To NRHP

APRIL 29--  This was kind of sad news, though, in regards to the massive flooding that took place of the area a few days later.

The Devil's Elbow Historic District and Piney Bend Cabins were added to the National register of Historic Places (NRHP).  Devil's Elbow, Missouri.

Also, the Piney Beach, the Piney Beach Cabin, Miller's Market/Post Office, McCoy's Store/Hotel, Elbow Inn (the former Munger-Moss Sandwich Shop), site of the Devil's Elbow Cafe, Hiawatha Lodge, Graham's Camp, Devil's Elbow Bridge and Route 66.

In the 1940s, Missouri referred to this area as "one of the Seven Beauty Spots of Missouri."

The Piney Beach Cabins, at 12810 Tank Road, just off Old Route 66 is sometimes listed as being in the towns of Hooker, Devil's Elbow or St. Robert, Missouri.  It has seven Ozark stone cabins and an office and was constructed in 1952.

And Then Came the Floods.  --RoadDog

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