Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Always A Good Time On the Chain of Lakes-- Part 2: Big Party Thursdays

Thursdays are the real big day as far as weekly festivals around here.  The two closest towns, McHenry and Antioch, to us both have great times going on.


This one is held at Veterans Park at the huge gazebo every Thursday from June to the end of September.  It starts with the City band during June then has a lot of great local and regional bands after that, including New Odyssey, (3 Guys, 30 Instruments in August).


It started last weekend and goes to the middle of August and is held at the bandshell behind Main Street.

This one is probably our favorite one of all, but unfortunately it only goes to the middle of August instead of September.

It is too bad that these two festivals take place on the same night as we often have to make a choice.

Plus, this weekend, a nearby town of Wauconda is having there Waucondafest.  Most every town in the area has a festival during the course of the summer.

Good Times In The Area.  --RoadDog

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