Thursday, June 1, 2017

News From Along Route 66, April 2017: Why Carlinville, Illinois, Has So many sears Homes

APRIL 28--The sears homes in Carlinville are in an area known as the Sears Addition in Carlinville.  Elgin, Illinois, has the most sears homes with more than 210.  However, Carlinville has the highest concentration of contiguous Sears homes with more than 150 in a 12-block neighborhood.

Sears homes were offered by the Sears-Roebuck stores.  You could order it and the home would be delivered to your local train station and you'd move the kit to your home site and build it.

My brother lives in a Sears home in Goldsboro, North Carolina.

In 1917, the Standard Oil Company needed coal as a part of the process for converting crude oil into gasoline.  The company bought land which included the Carlinville Mine.  To attract miners, they purchased more than 192 kit homes from sears and had them built in Carlinville, Wood River and Schiper.  One hundred and fifty-six went to Carlinville by train.

These kit homes cost as little as $1,100 and contained as many as 12,000 pieces and a 75 page instruction booklet.  Standard Oil stopped ordering the kits in 1940.

Of the Sears homes, 152 of the original 156 in the Standard Addition still stand.  Three burned down and one was moved.

Always Interested in Sears Homes.  --RoadDog

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