Saturday, June 24, 2017

Good-Timin' It Here Last Weekend-- Part 2: Great Music, Boats, Bars, Band, Deluge, a Cubs Jersey and a Snow Shovel


Saturday Morning Flashback on WXRT was on 1968 for four hours.  Makes me smile.

It took me two tries, but I finally got the boat back in the driveway.  Mike, my mechanic, wasn't at his place when I first went to get the boat.  I did stop at a new place that recently opened on Grasslake Road called Bon Voyage and had a really good omelet.  For many years it was Skanda House, but had been closed for around four years.

Came home and then went back and successfully picked up the boat.  This is when Mike asked if I knew that I had a snow shovel  in the back of the boat.  Of course, Mike.  With how fast Chicago area weather can change, you just never  know.  Well, actually, I was using it to help prop up the mooring cover to keep water from accumulating during our really rainy May.

We went to Fox Lake's Lake Front Park off US-12 by Beer Can bridge to see the New Invaders play all that great 1960s music, especially the British Invasion (hence the name).  Great show and good crowd, but then the deluge came.  Fortunately we left as the first rain drops fell and were at the Legion across Nippersink Lake when it really started storming.  Had our cocktails and stayed dry.


Paul McCartney's 75th birthday, overshooting 64 by 11 years now.  Featured on both Bob Stroud's Rock and Roll Roots on WDRV and Terri Hemmert's Breakfast With the Beatles show on WXRT.  Then WDRV played all the Beatles songs from A to Z.

We went over to Hickory Lodge in McCullum Lake for their pizza and beer special, but their pizza oven was broken so settled for some other good food.  The Cubs game was on and watched it.  Shortly before we were going to leave, the bartender asked if we were going to be there at the end of the game.  We said no.

We then found out that if the Cubs win (and they were way ahead), anyone who was there by the fifth inning would be entered to win a Kris Bryant jersey,  Since there were only two others there at the time we decided to stick around.  With two tickets, we won.  But the jersey was too big for Liz and this White Sox fan "inherited it."

I sure heard about it from my Sox friends when we got over to Sunnyside.  But, I pointed out to them that I WAS wearing my Sox hat, to go along with that Cubs jersey.

Well, A Fun Weekend, Even With the Jersey.  --RoadDog

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