Saturday, June 17, 2017

"Cars 3" Released Yesterday and a Retro Night To See It

I am definitely looking forward to seeing it.  Here's hoping it is better than "Cars 2."  It was ok, but got too far away from Route 66.

When I heard way back when that there was going to be a movie about Route 66, I was really happy, but not when I discovered it was to be animated and, even worse, would feature cars instead of people.  However, after seeing it I became a big fan of animated movies.  They have come a long way since the old Disney ones.

I saw the first one three times and even twice for the second one.  I'll see the new one at least twice.  Once will be in a theater and the second time will be at our McHenry Outdoor theater.  Before seeing it at the outdoor theater i will go to our local Dog 'N Suds for Charburgers and some of that great root beer.

This Is What I Call a Real Retro Trip.  --RoadDog

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