Thursday, June 8, 2017

N.C. January 2017-- Part 9: Andy and Arrival at Topsail Beach

JANUARY 13, 2017, Friday

I picked up my nephew Andy at Raleigh-Durham Airport (he had flown in from Nashville to help clear out Mom's condo at Topsail Beach, N.C., the purpose of my trip).  We did some catching up the rest of the way as we rarely get to see each other.

  Well, we talked when he wasn't on his "Idge Phone."  He is of that generation, you know.

No problems driving through Raleigh as I had anticipated.  Raleigh is notorious for traffic.  Took I-40 to US-17 near Wilmington, N.C., and then north.  I couldn't believe how much traffic there was during rush hour in little Hamstead.  We had a long wait just to turn across the southbound lanes to get gas.

We met my brother Bob at Mom's condo and began moving items from the main and upper levels to the lower level.

Sure was hoping we wouldn't get any heavy rain in the next few days because of the possibility of getting several inches of water in the lower level.  Flooding is something you don't want to happen while collecting stuff to take to the consignment shop in Holly Ridge in the lower level.


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