Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Historic Bankhead Highway

From the September 6, 2016,  Sr=tar-Telegram (Texas)  "Bankhead: 100th anniversary celebration of transcontinental road nears."  By Lance Winter.

This highway came about because of the Bankhead Bill introduced by Senator John H. Bankhead of Alabama.

The road was not to be the nation's first all-weather one connecting the east and west coasts.  That road was the Lincoln Highway.  But the Lincoln couldn't be used year-round because of the western mountains made it impassable.

The Bankhead Highway too the route across the southern part of the country.

Mush remains of the Bankhead Highway, but it often goes by other names.  However, the towns of Aledo, Willow Park and Weatherford still call it the Bankhead Highway on their street signs.  US-80, US-67 and Texas Highway 1 have replaced the olf Bankhead.


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