Sunday, February 19, 2017

PCB 2017: Got Beads? We Made It to St. Andrews Mardi Gras

Yesterday, we were expecting to be unable to see the Mardi Gras parade in St. Andrews (a part of Panama City now), but the extremely heavy traffic made it at one point to be unlikely, but we actually found a parking spot by a church near the beginning of the parade and got to see it after all.

Even though we weren't actively trying to get beads, we still managed to accumulate more than a few strands, some of which hit me in the face or head.  You have to be on constant lookout as the various Krewe floats come by.

Afterwards, we went to a  real dive bar, Joe's Corner, near the bridge for their world famous wings and then to Christo's on the east end of Panama City and lastly to Donovan's Reef across from the motel.

Bead My Face.  --RoadDog

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