Wednesday, July 8, 2015

News From Along Route 66--June 2015: Negro Motorist Green Book and Mojave Desert Bridges

JUNE 4--  There is a video out about the Negro Motorist Green Book.  Using it promised, "Now you can travel without embarrassment" during Jim Crow America.  It recommended generally avoiding smaller towns and go the larger cities.

This is a much overlooked aspect of traveling in the United States before the 1970s.  Blacks were not welcome in most places.  That one scene in "Driving Miss Daisy" struck it home when Hoke had relieve himself behind the tree because he would not be allowed to use gas station restrooms.

JUNE 5--  San Bernardino County is applying for grants to rebuild bridges in the Mojave Desert and to resurface Route 66.  Hope they get them.  This was an interesting and bleak part of our 2006 drive.


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