Saturday, July 11, 2015

50 Great American Places-- Part 5: Burning Man for Gearheads

NEW YORK--  Walk Manhattan, other than Times square.

NEVADA--  Burning Man for Gearheads.  In may there is the Nevada Open Road Challenge. and September the Silver State Classic Challenge.  You can legally drive a straight 90-mile stretch of Route 318 as fast as you want.  Ely.

NORTH DAKOTA--  Biking the Badlands.

NEW HAMPSHIRE--  Bode Miller's Secret Swimming Hole.  Upper Ammonousuc Falls near Bratton Wood.

NEW MEXICO--  Ride the Lightning.  In 1977 sculptor Walter DeMarin planted 400 standing-steel lightning rods on a remote desert.  You see quite a show during storms..  Quemado.

OHIO--  Tony Stewart's Dirt Track.  In 2004 he bought Eldora Speedway near Rossburg.


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