Saturday, July 18, 2015

Annual Downriver Trip-- Part 2: Going Nautical at Port Edwards

July 16, 2015:  We drove to Algonquin and stopped at Port Edwards, right by the Algonquin Dam and the Algonquin Road Bridge.  This is the farthest south of our passport stamps for the Chain Crawl and probably the most nautical-themed place on the Chain Crawl.  The only other place I can think of in the area with this much nautical theme would be Popeye's in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

We had drinks and used our coupon to get $10 off an appetizer, so ordered the pound of steamed shrimp.  They were big and filled us both up.

Port Edwards tends to be on the expensive side, but is quite the experience, so worth it.

The place has so much stuff, they have a Nautical Walking Tour pamphlet.  Just outside the place in the parking lot and by the entrance, they have these items:

RIVERSIDE LIGHTHOUSE--  Retrieved from the Milk Pail Amusement Park in Dundee, Illinois.  It has been refurbished and designated Fox River MM 88.


SPANISH SHIP'S CANNON--  Salvaged from the Bahamas.  Circa 1780.

FIVE FOOT LOBSTER--  Their commissioned commemorative 40th anniversary lobster.  Subject of many photos and with signs asking patrons not to climb on it.

And There Are Plenty Other Items Inside.  --RoadDog

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